Services Offered by Forward Gear

Warehousing and Fulfillment

If you simply need to increase storage or put more product closer to the customer, we can provide warehouse space and order fulfillment services. We can also simplify invoicing by processing orders through our accounting department.

Product Representation

An important factor in selling inventory on hand is making sure the retailers know about it, and understand the features and characteristics that make it worth buying. Forward Gear functions as a sales representative for our partner companies, making personal calls and visits, providing samples and demonstrations, and generally sharing our knowledge and excitement about the products we offer.

Warranty and Return Management

People like to be assured that their purchases are covered by reliable, no hassle warranties. Retailers want to provide that coverage but also prefer that it not create a hassle for their staff. Forward Gear makes honoring product warranties, returns, and exchanges as painless as possible. We mediate between the customer, the retailer, and the manufacturer to help things go as smoothly as possible. All the while we keep in mind that customer perception is the primary concern.

Press and Public Relations

Press and public relations is a very effective tool for the development of awareness and demand. We often advocate pursuing this area of promotion prior to any other, depending on the stated goals and existing presence. In general, we use consistent press releases and warm relationships with industry editors to support this area, but we're not averse to making presentations or appearing at press conferences.

Event Attendance and Management

We have extensive experience exhibiting and running trade shows, from hosting a simple 10' x 10' booth to managing a multi-day conference filled with presentations, training, exhibits, and social events. Visit us at one of our scheduled events to see what we're about.

Website Consulting

We don't really like to use the word "consulting" but it accurately describes the service we offer in regards to websites. We partner with a professional design firm for the actual site development work, but our experience with managing the content and use of websites gives us the ability to observe and discuss how you might change yours to better meet your goals.

Outbound Marketing Campaigns

More traditional marketing campaigns like email newsletters, postcards, and telemarketing are part of our repertoire as well. From conceptualization to performance tracking, we can help you build the right message and get it in front of the right people.

Advertising Planning and Placement

Print, television, and online advertising generate substantial interest and serve as powerful branding tools. Forward Gear helps you navigate the overwhelming options to develop an advertising strategy that fits within your budget and staff limits while still acheiving impressive results.