Venhill USA

Venhill USA is responsible for the promotion, sale, and support of Venhill products throughout the United States.

The Venhill organization is based out of the UK, producing control cables, braided stainless steel brake hoses, and braided stainless clutch hoses of very high quality. Venhill recognized that the US market held tremendous opportunity, and Venhill USA is capturing that opportunity through dedicated U.S. marketing and by building the network of dealers and retailers that carry Venhill product.

Early in the process of bringing Venhill into the U.S., Forward Gear developed a dedicated U.S. website at The site promotes Venhill products, informing consumers about their features and benefits.

Venhill's line of braided stainless steel brake hoses was introduced to the U.S. dealer community at Dealer Expo 2009 in Indianapolis. Dealer Expo offered an opportunity to allow dealers to get "hands on" with Venhill products and meet some of the people behind the scenes at Venhill UK, Venhill USA, and Forward Gear.

Venhill at Dealer Expo 2009 A
Venhill booth at Dealer Expo
Venhill at Dealer Expo 2009 B


Venhill USA is a dedicated division of Forward Gear LLC.